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February 15, 2011

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{Joey is 26.5 months}

Tot School

We’re learning to differentiate between sizes: small, medium, large. He’s having a little difficulty with the terms, so I’m considering switching to big, bigger, biggest or small, big, bigger.

What do you think? Is there a better set of words I’m neglecting? I feel like there’s got to be.

Joey loves to peel his own oranges these days. We’ll help start it and he’ll do the rest. He goes through at least one a day!

I’m beginning to put together our sound baskets. These are some cards I made for basket #1 and the letter c. We play a little game where he has to find a real-life object to match each card.

After that we take a walk around the house looking for other objects that start with that letter, then we put them in a bin together.

Last month I had a sequencing/pattern work on the shelf that was a little advanced for Joey, so in the spirit of Valentine’s I made a simpler work with red and pink hearts cut from fabric scraps. He still is learning the concept of what a pattern is.

My parents got a new camera and gave us their old one, so Joey’s been using our old point-and-shoot to take pictures of everything! He has a lot of fun with it even if the pictures are quite random.

He got this Melissa & Doug cube puzzle for Christmas. I thought he wouldn’t be able to really do it for quite a while, but he’s picked up quickly. He’ll usually do it with help from my husband or I, but after we do it together he tries it by himself and does pretty well.

This was our Valentine’s craft. A big heart with little handprints.

What have you been doing this week?

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