Montessori Gift Guide for Two’s & Three’s

Montessori Christmas Gift Guides for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Homeschool Families, and Family Subscription Gift IdeasIn this Montessori Gift Guide for Two & Three-Year-Old’s you’ll find toys to meet your child’s expanding need for independence and purposeful work. This is a fun age to watch children really begin to work and play, where they initiate and become absorbed in more complicated tasks for extended periods of time.

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Merry Christmas!

Montessori Christmas Gift Guide for Two & Three Year Old's

  1.  Rainbow Stacking & Nesting from Little Sapling Toys. This is a fun set to explore balance and order.
  2. Food Slicing Set from Melissa & Doug. This is a fun set for the aspiring cooks in your home and it’s good practice for Montessori food preparation.
  3. Hand Kite from Cake in the Morn.
  4. Crayon Rocks & Paper from For Small Hands. These crayons help encourage a proper pencil grip in young children. Bonus: They’re harder to break.
  5. Train Set from Melissa & Doug. Such a classic set. Every time I think my kids might be over playing with trains they pull the set back out again.
  6. Building Blocks from Hape. Every home needs a basic set of wood building blocks.
  7. Rainbow Acorns from Cake in the Morn. These have been Olivia’s absolute favorite toy this last year. She loves stacking the bowls, pouring, serving, and sorting the acorns. Definitely a hit here.
  8. Band in a Box from Melissa & Doug. A fun addition to your family dance parties.
  9. Stacking Train from Melissa & Doug.
  10. Wooden Emergency Vehicles from Melissa & Doug. These interchangeable, stacking cars are a fun little puzzle.

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