A Kiwi Crate Review...from an initial skeptic. What we liked, didn't like, and what we're looking forward to.

What you want to know about Kiwi Crate…and maybe more.

What we liked, what we didn’t like, and what we’re looking forward to from our Kiwi Crate subscription.

Kiwi Crate Review - Opening the Box

My initial skepticism.

When I first heard of Kiwi Crate it sounded fun, who wouldn’t love getting a box of colorful, fun activities in the mail?

But I passed it off as an expensive craft box that I likely already had the supplies for.

I’m already a pretty crafty momma, do I really need more ideas? Isn’t that what Pinterest is for? We’re overflowing with craft supplies, why bring more into the house? Isn’t it just a money trap? Another cool subscription service, right?

So…when another blogger shared their Kiwi Crate fun with a promo deal for a free mini-crate (plus s+h), I figured why not give it a go. If it wasn’t the thing for us, we’d only be out $4.

(We just got our third crate in the mail this weekend, so my review/opinion is based off of all three crates we’ve received.)

Its arrival.

Kiwi Crate Review - Scissors Included

The Kiwi Crate arrived neat and perfect on our doorstep. The contents were well-packaged and even arranged with an introduction and instructions on top. The supplies for the craft were all included–from tape stickers, to rubber bands, brads, even markers and scissors. Once we sat down at the table we really didn’t need to get up for anything. Except for, maybe, potty breaks.

Each supply for the activity came in its own labeled bag. Easy to figure out what goes where. Unless excited little hands are grabbing them, in which case…maybe not so easy.Kiwi Crate Review - All the supplies are included.

Each activity in the crate (there’s usually 2 main activities and one smaller one) comes with its own instruction folder, a sticker for your Kiwi Adventures, cutout figures of Kiwi and his flying squirrel friend that work great with the crate turned diorama.

Each crate also includes its own issue of explore!, Kiwi Crate’s own magazine, filled with comics, DIY activities pertaining to your crate’s theme, pages to color and draw, other fun little games, and suggested resources.

The supplies were top-notch. Honestly, a better quality than I would’ve purchased myself. Definitely impressed.

Doing the activity.

Kiwi Crate Review: The DirectionsThere definitely pros and cons to a Kiwi Crate subscription.

Pro #1 – An easy batch of prepared, supplied activities to do with the kids.

Con #1 – Is there a con to easy, already prepared and filled with supplies, activities? Umm…hard to say.

Con #2 – My kids still need a lot parental support for these activities—like reading directions, understanding what is what, and following the directions step-by-step. Kiwi Crate does offer a younger version, Koala Crate, which is geared toward 3-4 year olds. We haven’t tried that option, so I don’t know if it’d be better independence wise for the child.

Pro #2 – Even though my kids needed a lot of support, it was more in guidance. They could do most of the actual putting together of the crafts themselves.

Kiwi Crate Review: Making a Kite

Kiwi Crate Review: Decorating the Kite

Con #3 – You still have to be there. I know some people like the idea of these types of activities and subscription services, but bemoan the fact that they’re not a “play by yourself” type activity. Which leads to…

Pro #3 – Quality time with your children. Even if that means growing in your own patience. Think of it as supporting, guiding, and encouraging their independence. Because when our children are young, that is what it is.

Con#4 – It’s a subscription service and costs money ($19.95 a month or less, depending on your subscription plan). That’s more money than I’d usually spend on crafts or expendables a month for my kids. So far there’s been enough of the activity for both my kids, but adding extra supplies does cost $9.95.

Pro #4 – Yes, it costs. It can be hard coming from a frugal, DIY mindset to paying for a kids craft subscription service. But here’s what I’m finding out–we’re paying for a high-quality product that my kids enjoy and requires absolutely no prep work from me (except a clean work space). So far, I feel like it’s worth it. Something fun for the kids to look forward to. And it’s less than the cost of taking the family to Chick-fil-A for lunch. So there’s that. It’s also a great gift idea to suggest to the grandparents.

What do the kids think?

My kids love Kiwi Crate! If it sits on the shelf unopened for too long, I can expect them to ask me multiple times a day, “When are we going to do the Kiwi Crate?” With our latest crate, Otto was the one who found it and ended up carrying it around all afternoon.

Kiwi Crate Review - Fun with Flight!

Momma’s Last Word

These ideas are great. Simple, but fun. Sure I could’ve searched a few places and thought of them myself, but because it comes so well prepared and packaged my skepticism has turned to impressed. A box can arrive on our doorstep, be taken straight to the table, opened and begun right away without having to get up for anything. Definitely a plus.

Last word? We’re loving it and, for now, a Kiwi Crate subscription feels worth it.

(And the design is just so darn cute.)

What else does Kiwi Crate offer?

Other than their monthly subscription services (which you can opt for a one-time, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription – here’s a few sample crates), Kiwi Crate also offers single crates to buy if you’d like a specific crate, party favors (which could make great stocking stuffers), art supplies,  and mini crates.

In October, Kiwi Crate launched three new brands: Koala Crate (geared to 3-4 year olds), Tinker Crate (hands-on experiments for 9-14 year olds),  and the Doodle Crate (DIY crafts for 9-16 year olds).

Want to try Kiwi Crate?

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