Boy Crafts, Homeschooling, & Baby Mobiles

A Holy Experience – Ann Voskamp is one of my favorite bloggers and her post on the pros and cons of homeschooling and is a great read. This is my hope for our home that it becomes an environment where,

Learning just pervades all time…”

Made by Rae & Dana Made It – These crafty ladies got together this month to celebrate boys with a plethora of crafty tutorials. You can find the Made by Rae posts here and the Dana Made It  posts here. Here are a few I’ve bookmarked:

Gingercake – Here’s a playmat/messenger bag tutorial that’d be great for trips.

Montessori In Motion – I”ve been planning/trying to make a baby mobile for Otto and came across this site. Very interesting.

Mobiles are important for the education of the visual sense, and newborns get great pleasure from them! The aspects of balance and geometry imprint on the baby.”

Montessori Print Shop – Free Montessori printables. Don’t forget to check out their February freebie (Moveable Alphabet Pictures for Step 2 (non color-coded 4+ letter phonetic words).

Sew Liberated – Meg’s post on play dough sculpting has me rethinkimg how we do play dough.

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