Christmas Gift Ideas for Infants & Toddlers

This afternoon I was browsing Amazon trying to figure out what might show up under the Christmas tree for our son (courtesy of SwagBucks–if you haven’t started using SwagBucks you should!).

As I looked through the toy list suggested by Amazon, I was disappointed by the plethora of plastic, noisemaker, cartoon character toys that were out there.

First, we try to keep the TV/movie characters to a minimum at our house, mostly because we don’t care for the obsession that seems to follow from the overabundance of Toy Story, Thomas & Friends, etc.

Second, the toys we bring into our home I’d like to be fun, useful, sturdy, and attractive. I don’t want something that’s just going to entertain my child, but will encourage them to think for themselves and come up with their own play as well as aid developmental skills.

I hope that doesn’t sound like it drains all the fun out of toys, because there are a lot of toys that are beautiful, useful, and fun!

Just take a look:

This week I plan on sharing some of my favorite toy companies (Melissa & Doug, Plan toys, and Nova Natural) as well as a few Etsy shops that have caught my eye and have me drooling.

Stay tuned!

(The links to Amazon are affiliate links. If you like what you see and choose to make a purchase, Our Montessori Home would earn a small commission of that purchase. Thanks for reading.)

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  • Dawn December 3, 2010, 7:16 am

    Thank you for posting this! I too am discusted by the abundance of cheap plastic crap toys out there. When I see a nice wood toy I’ll snag it because it’s so rare. I just paid a pretty penny at Costco for an all wood activity station that is in the shape of a box with different tiles and stuff on every side. I feel like this will last the test of time and it’s beautiful.

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