Getting Ready for School

Things have been a little quiet on the blog this week, because I’ve been planning our school year. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Am I actually going to get it all done?

We’re planning to start the day after Labor Day.  I have 2-1/2 weeks to finish planning out our theme units, order materials, make a few materials, and set it all up. I’m really excited. Even though we’ve been having school at home (in some way or another) since Joey was about 7-8 months old, this will be the real thing.

I’m planning a more structured school time to model what he would do if he went to a Montessori classroom. We’re going to have a theme each month too.

I’ve been pouring over scope and sequences I’ve found on the internet as well as the scope and sequences of the school I worked at. It was a little overwhelming for awhile, until I took a step back and remembered he’s not going to be doing all of this now or even this year. I don’t need to have a “complete” classroom.

So, I choose the first 5-10 activities in each sequence (reading, math, sensorial, etc) and plan on presenting those in order this fall and into the winter. We’ll see how it goes from there and I’ll adapt the sequence to Joey’s needs.

As for themes, I picked four to do for the fall and in October I’ll start looking at what themes we’ll do in the summer. This is what I have planned so far:

  • September – Me & My World
  • October – Dinosaurs (Joey’s loving them right now)
  • November – Our Solar System
  • December – Christmas
I’m excited to introduce Joey to more of the traditional Montessori materials. I’m sure I’ll have as much fun as he will—maybe more!
What are you planning for the school year? Have you started school already?

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