How to Build a Castle

One of the themes we’re doing this summer is knights and castles since Joey is in that little boy stage where everything is about knights, castles, dragons, and fighting bad guys.

I thought building a castle would be a fun way to explore the subject together. Without further ado, here are the very simple steps to build a castle.

How to build a castle

1. Gather your materials.

2. Browse some castle books (or the internet) for inspiration.

3. Tape (or glue) your castle wall together. Cut the parapet on the top of your castle wall.

4. Decorate your castle. And maybe even yourself. (See Joey’s blue arm in the next photo? He called it his tattoo like his Uncle Chachi, who has a sleeve tattoo.)

5. Have an impromptu lesson on sharpening a pencil. (I think I found a new work for practical life!)

6. Stand the castle up with the flaps behind the castle walls for support. I taped these together for extra support.

7. Add some extras. I cut an egg carton in half and taped an end to the wall and the other to the base. Voila, steps!

8. Play.

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