Montessori Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a bright and cozy spot in the middle of winter. I wasn’t planning on setting out Valentine’s themed work this year, until Otto asked for it. And how could I refuse?

I pulled out the box filled with pink, white, and red along with candy hearts that Olivia will probably try to taste no matter how old or hard they are. Since Joey’s at a public Montessori school this year, I tried to focus my activities on Otto and Olivia’s ages and abilities (4, 27 months). I tend to get tired of the same activities over and over, so I asked around and searched to get ideas from other Montessorians.

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day

Here’s what is on our shelves this week (L-R):

  1. Tonging Pom Poms
  2. Pouring Heart Beads
  3. Sorting Candy Hearts by Color
  4. Pouring Water (If we didn’t have carpet, I’d probably add a little food coloring.)
  5. Tonging Candy Hearts with Chopsticks
  6. Spooning Beads
  7. Nesting Hearts
  8. Transferring Water with a Sponge

Another thing we’re doing this year that I forgot to take a picture of is a Valentine’s Day countdown Bible verse chain. Each day we’ll tear off a link and read a verse focusing on God’s love for us or how we are to love others.

More great Montessori activities for Valentine’s Day:

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Montessori Classroom? from NAMC

Funnel Pouring Work from Trillium Montessori

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day Spooning Pom Poms by Trisha (from the Montessori Homeschooling FB Group)

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day Counting with Hearts by Trisha

Sorting & Spooning Colored Hearts by Trisha

Trisha’s activities are a great example of using what you have in your home with some thrifty options. She mentioned most of her Valentine’s supplies came from the Dollar Tree. Most of mine I’ve picked up at Target’s $1 spot. Dollar stores are a great place to pick up seasonal items!

Montessori Activities for Valentine's DayA Variation of Counting Hearts by Bess from Grace & Green Pastures

Montessori Valentine's Day Activities

Tracing & Cutting Out Hearts by Bess from Grace & Green Pastures

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day

Baking Tarts from My Montessori Journey

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day

Rose-Scented Playdough by Study at Home Mama

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day Fizzy Baking Soda Hearts Science Experiment by Study at Home Mama

Montessori Activities for Valentine's DayLots more Valentine-inspired activities from Study at Home Mama!

Deb over at Living Montessori Now has tons and tons of Valentine’s ideas:

Our Montessori Home Valentine’s Activities from years’ past:

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day

Montessori Activities for Valentine's Day


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  • Jennifer February 1, 2015, 10:00 pm

    What a beautiful collection of ideas!
    Thanks for including our Valentine’s Day activities — pinning!

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