Montessori Christmas: Crushing Paper & Decorating a Tree {day 2}

One day down…eleven to go! Onto today’s activities…

Crushing Paper

This is a fun activity for the older infant/younger toddler. I cut leftover Christmas tissue paper and wrapping paper into squares, and let them crush it. When I did this with Joey, I left the paper in an open basket, but since Otto is still putting everything in his mouth I used a tupperware container.


Decorating a Tree

This is always a fun activity for kids. We have a small 1′ tree. You can usually find them pretty much wherever there’s a Christmas tree or a craft store. I used plastic miniature ornaments and instead of the standard wire hook, I cut a chenille stick into pieces and wrap it through the hole. It’s easier for Joey to handle and safer than finding metal hooks floating around the living room.

I also have a light-up necklace that we use as the tree lights. There are a few other random ornaments in the basket as well. We have another work making a candy cane out of beads that will be added to this little tree as ornaments when Joey finishes them.


Thanks for joining in with 12 Days of Montessori Christmas! I’d love to hear what ideas you have and what’s showing up in your home.

Don’t forget the Melissa & Doug giveaway ends Thursday at midnight. There’s still time to enter! 🙂

Planning an Christmas craft projects? Join in on Saturday for a Christmas craft link-up! 


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