Montessori Gift Guide for 5 – 7 Year Old’s

Montessori Christmas Gift Guides for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Homeschool Families, and Family Subscription Gift IdeasIn our Montessori Gift Guide for 5 to 7 Years Old’s you’ll notice how the gift ideas reflect confident, independent, and exploring children. At this stage the child is very much self-led and can spend greater amounts of time absorbed in a task. You’ll find plenty of creative ideas for the mind and body.

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Merry Christmas!

Montessori Christmas Gift Guide for 5-7 Year Olds

  1. LEGO Bricks & The LEGO Ideas Book from Lego. Legos are a standard in our house. And, if you’re at your max capacity for the tiny bricks, consider getting an Idea Book to stimulate new play and building.
  2. Naturalist Kit (Binoculars & Nature Study Kit) from Imagine Childhood & The Nature Connection from Amazon. As our kids love for exploring and recording have grown, this year our boys are getting their own Naturalist Kit for their adventures.
  3. Sticklets Fort Kit from Imagine Childhood. This would be a great addition to any little explorers’ adventures.
  4. Story Writing Supplies (Story Drawing Book & Colored Pencils) from For Small Hands. A great notebook for your budding storyteller.
  5. Pattern Play by MindWare.
  6. Drawing Set or  Art Supplies from Alex Toys. A good starter kit for art supplies past your pencils and crayons.
  7. Walking Blocks from Nova Natural. Challenging (and entertaining) gross motor skills.
  8. Activity Books (Mazes, Sudoku, Dot Games, Word Searches) from Amazon. My oldest is in love with activity books these days. He loves the challenge and it keeps him focused for 30 minutes to an hour!
  9. Bow & Arrow Set from Imagine Childhood or Crossbow from Nova Natural. I love toys that encourage outside play. This not only builds their inner adventurer, but works on their gross and fine motor skills.
  10. Natural Face Paint Set from Imagine Childhood. It may be a little messy, but having a face paint set as a kid was a favorite.

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