Montessori Links: Pin Poking, KinderBach, & Montessori vs. Waldorf

Montessori Print Shop – Pin Poking–What is the point?

Ah, pin poking. I need to pull this one out. You can get pin poking kits or just a tack and stacked cork board.

The Wonder YearsThe Importance of Uninterrupted Time

The Home TeacherKinderBach Review

A program for piano lessons at home…sounds like something worth checking out.

Totally TotsOnce Upon a Book ~ In the Castle

We’re definitely going to spend a week this summer doing these activities! We already have this book and Joey loves all things castle, knights, and dragons right now.

Adventures of a Rainbow MamaMontessori and Waldorf Steiner

I’ve wondered the differences between the two. From the little that I know about Waldorf it seems there is a great emphasis on play and imagination, but similar to Montessori in that learning should be an exploration. Check out the comments on this post too. There’s a good discussion going on.

The Wonder YearsBubble Fun with Kitchen Utensils

Montessori CandyLand Art for Kids

What a neat concept!

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