Plans for the “School Year”

First off, it feels weird to think of starting the “school year” with my 9 month old. It’s not like we’re sitting down for formal lessons for hours a day. We’re pretty relaxed here. I aim to give him a lesson or two a day and I switch up the work on the shelves every few weeks. So he gets the same lesson a few times and then chooses (or rather pulls) his own work off the shelf whenever he’s interested.

Just felt like I had to say that…

But, I’ve been thinking about what themes or focuses for the fall. Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

In September, we’ll focus on body parts. Sing songs, read books about our body,  and learn to point to parts of our bodies. Hopefully. I’ve got some other thoughts stirring, so we’ll see what comes to fruition.

I want to do a farm animals focus, since Joey loves animals and their nosies. I figure this is best around November since a lot of pumpkin patches open up around that time with petting zoos.

I think in October or December we’ll focus on transportation  (cars, planes, trucks, boats). Joey has a bus that’s “souped up” that my grandparents gave him. It even has it’s own hydraluics! But he is really focused when he plays with it, will follow it around (that and a Speed Racer car), and he also likes to flip it over and spin the wheels. He does get frustrated when he can’t pull them off though.

They’re rough ideas. As for now, my goal is to try to incorporate what I can into shelf work, check out library books on the topic, sing songs, and have a few more formal activities geared toward the theme. For the most part, I see these as informal lessons and just a way to more purposefully expose Joey to new things.

As I mentioned before, another idea is to add a music basket to our living room. A place to explore different sounds, listen to music, and discover different instruments. So far we have a whistle, drum sticks, the rubberband box, harmonica, guitar, and piano. I’d also like to find a recorder, bell, or even maracas.

The last three won’t be left out in the basket, but we’ll bring them out for him to see and experience, and maybe even play a little for him. My husband plays the guitar, harmonica, and piano. I use to play the guitar, but it’s been years so now I’m just a rusty piano player. I haven’t practiced that one in awhile either.

There was another general thing I was thinking of earlier, but can’t remember now. Oh, well. It’s time for bed anyway!

If you have any ideas for activities or other “themes,”  just let me know!

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