Montessori Monday: Zippers, Math Memory Game, and Hide & Seek

Working on the Zipper Dressing Frame

He is so proud he can do it!

Putting Rings on Napkins

Practicing Numbers 7 – 10

Numeral & Quantity Memory Game

I tried this “clean painting” activity with the boys this week thinking they’d enjoy it and that it’d keep them entertained for awhile. It lasted all of 2 minutes and Otto was more interested in the tape than what was in the bag. Maybe another time.

One of the things I worked with Otto on last week was retrieving  a specific object when I asked for it by name. We started off with two objects and he did pretty well.

Then we made it a little hide and seek game with just the monkey and he seemed to think that was fun.

This week we start our theme unit on the solar system and I’ll let you know how it goes!

What did you do last week?

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