Spooning Ice Cubes

Our theme for this month is a combination of The Body, All About Me, and the 5 senses.

After naptime today we did a little activity that appealed to the sense of touch. And it was cold!

I took a bowl, filled it  with water, and dumped two trays of ice cubes in it. Then I had the second bowl empty and a slotted spoon on the towel.

First, I demonstrated to Joey what I wanted him to do by using the spoon to pick up the ice and transfer it into the empty bowl. He caught on quickly with little trouble balancing the ice cubes on the spoon. Once all the ice cubes were in the second bowl we emptied them back into the first.

He continued this process for a good 5-10 minutes before he wanted to pour the water, which we ended up doing together. Occasionally he would stick his hand in the water and say, “Oooo…cold!” or slip the spoon in his mouth (he loves bunching on ice).

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