The Montessori Mafia, Superwoman, & Reading

The Wall Street JournalThe Montessori Mafia

…Montessori methods go against the grain of traditional educational methods.  We are given very little opportunity, for instance, to perform our own, original experiments, and there is also little or no margin for failure or mistakes.  We are judged primarily on getting answers right.  There is much less emphasis on developing our creative thinking abilities, our abilities to let our minds run imaginatively and to discover things on our own.

But most highly creative achievers don’t begin with brilliant ideas, they discover them.

Un-SchooledSuperwoman Was Already Here (a guest post by a Montessori father)

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The Activity MomEaster Ideas Part 2

I thought the Mix and Match Egg Hunt idea would work well for shelf work. You could have the eggs matched to their correct colors and then have the child match them to the card (ie, purple top with yellow bottom) or have the eggs mix/matched allowing the child to match the correct egg to its corresponding card. You could even do an egg hunt in your house.

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