This Week in Our Home

Well…I had hoped to have written a few posts by now on the prepared environment, but I haven’t quite had the time the last few days. Joey is either getting ready to do some more teething or is getting sick so sleep has been short and naps hit and miss.

Yesterday they were working on the roof of our apartment ALL DAY and woke him up from his morning nap and he didn’t get an afternoon nap because of it. They were still working at 8pm when we were putting him to bed!  I know it’s necessary, but very inconvenient for a napping baby and mommy.

We also are down to one computer. My laptop decided to stop working last work and we still haven’t gotten it back up yet. So, my husband and I are sharing his. He’s at school during the day and has been gracious enough to leave his laptop for me, but I do most of my blogging after Joey goes to bed which is when my husband (btw, also Joe) uses it for school and work. Hence, the lack of posting.

However, I have been doing some good Montessori reading. I’m finishing my manuals for my NAMC Infant/Toddler’s course. I’m also reading The Montessori Method and picked up Paula Polk Lillard’s Montessori: A Modern Approach, which I’ve been reading bits and pieces of (specifically on the prepared environment). It’s a much smoother, more concise read than The Montessori Method.

I’m adding a few new works to our shelf related to our body theme for the month and have a few projects too. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to post how that’s going later this week. But for now…it’s off to start my day!

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