Tot School

Joey is 22 months.

Tot School

We’ve been learning about the senses in Tot School this month. Here is the tray from our introductory lesson:

We’re also learning a song called Five Senses (to the tune of Where’s Thumbkin?) that I found here. It’s simple and repetitive, so he’s learning all the senses quickly.

The first sense we learned was seeing, so he’s using his eyes to put together 3-part puzzle cards.

This day we used a stamp pad to see our fingerprints and then looked at them with a magnifying glass.

We’re starting to get into more preschool-type practical life activities, which I’m excited about because that’s the age I use to teach and have lots of ideas filed away! Here he’s spooning erasers and beads from one bowl to the next.

Playdough…one of our new favorite activities. He can work (virtually) uninterrupted with playdough for up to 20 minutes, which for him is a long time to be still!

On Wednesday, we went to a local u-pick farm and got to pick our own apples. It was a lot of fun and there were plenty low to the ground that Joey could reach, which was great for him.

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  • Jennifer October 11, 2010, 2:25 pm

    Oh my goodness — all that blonde hair!!! He’s ADORABLE!!!

    Looks like a fun week too! I love the u-pick farms!

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