Work Shift eBook {Review & Giveaway}

Recently, a friend of mine released a new ebook called Work Shift. Anne tackles the desire to pursue work we enjoy while maximizing time with our family and enjoying life.

Anne writes about the paradigm shift taking place in work and home. How families are stepping out of traditional work roles (father works/mom stays home, father & mother work, etc) and creating a life and work situation that is best for their families.

Anne shares much of her family’s own story,

We didn’t mean to be pioneers, but as we responded to the challenges that arose in our own lives it just
kind of happened.

We threw work/life balance out the window. We aimed to blend them instead of balancing them, and we were nothing if not surprised at how well it worked for our family. We love this holistic blend, and we’re never going back.

As it turns out, we’re not alone. My family’s journey is representative of larger cultural trends that have been underway since before we entered the workforce at the turn of the century. Many families are giving up on trying to balance their work lives with the rest of their lives. Instead, they’re adopting a paradigm that actually works.

Anne Bogel, Work Shift

What is great about this is there is no one size fits all. Each family is unique with different rhythms, pursuits, and goals. What my husband and I envision for our family may not be what you envision for yours and that’s fine! Just like Montessori follows the child, our aim in leading our families should be to do what is most beneficial for us/our own and not follow society’s status quo.

Work Shift gives real life examples of families who have (or are working on) making the shift to a better life blend of work and family. Anne shares stories from families of nearly every demographic as well as practical advice on moving from the regular 9 to 5 job to your ideal work situation.

This new blend has been a dream of our family, something we’ve pursued (though now we’re in a season where my husband is pursuing full-time work) and hope to continue to pursue. It’s enabled us to spend more time together as a family and pursue avenues we love most.


If you’d like to win a copy of Work Shift, enter below. The giveaway ends Saturday, September 29th.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Work Shift to review, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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  • Laura Haske September 24, 2012, 11:01 am

    Sounds like a very relevant book for this culture and our generation of young parents. Thanks!

  • Belinda September 28, 2012, 8:53 pm

    Work-life balance is something our family is struggling with, even with both our jobs (hubby full-time and myself part-time approx 15 hours a week) having ‘flexible’ conditions. We can sometimes work at home and are able to take leave to look after our 2 young children (ages 3 years and 16 months). But somehow we’re still checking work emails at 11pm, leaving early to beat the traffic, hubby is ‘on call’ every 3 weeks and often has calls at 3am which means a few hours work in the middle of the night… our kids are our world and any suggestions in this book to get a better balance would be great fully received.

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