Back to School Planning Guide (+free printable!)

As I began reading responses to the survey from last week (haven’t taken it? You can take it here. It’s super quick), I realized I’m not the only one whose been struggling with the back to school homeschool anxiety.

It got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be in a community with other homeschooling moms (or dads! or teachers!) who are working through and trying to figure out what they’re doing for this next school year?

And wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan to plan? Something to guide our process, to help us remember all those things that sneak up on us in the second week of school or a month in. Maybe that’s too Type A for you, but hear me out.

What if we got together—virtually, of course, and worked through:

  • our goals for the next school year
  • prepping materials (Oh! All the cutting and laminating!)
  • supply lists
  • figuring out our scope and sequence

It’s more like a guide to planning your school year. It’s taking those big ideas and lists of details and putting them in order so we can see clearly the path we’re heading.

What do you think?

I’m calling it the Back to School Planning Guide.

Week 1, July 24 – 28 – Getting Focused & Getting Started

  • Practical Goal Setting
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Rhythms & Routines
  • Scope & Sequence

Week 2, July 31 – August 4 – Print! Cut! Laminate!

  • All the Lists!
  • Get Cutting
  • Organize

Week 3, August 7 – 11 – Being Prepared Off the Shelves

  • The Prepared Environment
  • The Prepared Teacher
  • Embracing Freedom with Responsibility

You’ll get a free 5-10 page planning guide to help you work through practical goal setting for yourself, your children, and learning environment. There will be reflection questions to help you flourish as a homeschooling mama and family, a scope and sequence template, planning pages for study interests, as well as plenty of lists to help you get organized.

Each week, I’ll post in the Our Montessori Home Facebook Group with the week’s focus and daily a task to work on. Every once and awhile, I’ll jump on to do a Facebook Live to talk about the weekly challenge and answer questions.

We may even celebrate our progress with a few giveaways. 😉

What I’m really excited about is doing this in community with other homeschooling mama’s and educators. Seeing how others adapt Montessori to their homes and families, as well as what works for them can be a great catalyst in learning what is best for your family.

We’ll work alongside each other offering our own insight, encouragement, and not feel so alone or overwhelmed as we get ready to go back to school.

While this guide is geared toward Montessori homeschooling families, it may also be helpful to Montessori teachers and homeschooling families using other methods. Our goal is to be prepared and ready for the upcoming school year. To know our children, ourselves, and to lay for ourselves a solid foundation for future growth.

Whether you’re feeling

overwhelmed with planning,

ready to go,

or this is your first year and

you need some direction

…this is for you.

Are you in?

The way to get the Back to School Planning Guide is to subscribe to our newsletter, The Pep Talk.

The guide will go out in the newsletter on Monday, July 24th. Are you ready to start planning?

I hope so. I’m looking forward to it!

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