Body Theme: Update

I had high hopes for the body theme this month, but after my laptop decided it needed a break many of the projects I had planned went by the wayside.  I got a bit discouraged, because I had been taking pictures for a few months knowing I wanted to make a book of body parts using pictures of Joey’s face and body.

If only I had backed up my hard drive! My husband has ordered some equipment to retrieve the data off the hard drive, which–thankfully–hasn’t been the issue. I have taken so many pictures since I started working at the Montessori school preparing for either my own classroom or teaching my children at home. I have so many pictures of farm and zoo animals, even taking them with the thought in mind that it needs to be a good view of the animal to fit on a card!

The activities I had planned for the body theme, but haven’t been able to get to are:

  • Body Book – Pictures of different body parts: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, head/hair, feet, and hands in a flip book with labels. The pictures would be of Joey.
  • Identifying/Matching Parts of the Face – Taking two 8×10 photos of only Joey’s face, I’d laminate the first as the control sheet and then cut out the parts of the face from the second photo, laminate them and have him match the photos to the control sheet.
  • Body Poster – Print and laminate a child-size body (something similar to this, click here, but clothed) to hang on the wall. This would be used to reinforce the concept and awareness of the body and spark interest in identifying body parts. Later, I’d print a second body and cut it so that the child could match the body parts onto the first body (using velcro).

In searching for ideas and printables for the body theme, I came across They have lesson ideas, crafts, and printables for a number of themes. The lesson ideas for the body theme could be suitable for children as young as 2 or 3 and worksheets for the older children in the 3 to  6 range. They’re worth checking out.

September’s not over yet, so there’s a chance I might be able to get a few of these prepared!

Any suggestions or ideas for the body theme would be more than welcomed!

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  • Ange September 28, 2009, 2:39 am

    Hi, I love your blog! I have 2 small children and a baby on the way and yours is the only montessori blog I’ve found that focuses on babies, so thank you!

    I got a thing from Arts Cow (kinda like snapfish etc.) in my email this morning that they are running a sale on posters, 4 11X14 posters for $3.99 and shipping is free. I think I’m going to make the posters you thought of using this photo place because it’s so inexpensive. I thought I’d pass it on. If you need me to forward the email I got to you, just email me.


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