Getting Settled

Helping Mommy unpack

Helping Mommy unpack

Things are finally starting to settle down in our new home and we’re getting back to a routine. It feels good to have the boxes put away and things in order. It’s beginning to feel like home.

On Monday I worked on Joey’s room a bit. I hung a few pictures of his work shelves, set out a basket of books by a chair (which is really just a booster set), put up a mirror, and a peg shelf to hang his clothes. There’s a few more things I want to do and some refining as well. Almost as soon as I put the pictures and the mirror on the wall he was touching them and trying to pull them off, which he has done multiple times. So, I’m trying to figure out a way to more securely fix the pictures and, especially, the mirror to the wall.

I still want to get a dressing table to go under the mirror and when I went to Target today I couldn’t find one in the size and price range I was looking for. But I did find some other cool stuff…I’ll share in a minute. For now, I think I’m just going to cover a box and put something heavy in it so it won’t be so easy to move. I’m not quite sure how that’ll work, but it’ll be temporary.

Today I moved his current clothes to his bottom drawer which he can open and the cabinet next to the drawer I want to put his socks in a basket and his shoes, so he can get them himself. I’m still trying to decide if we should put his diapers in a basket in the bathroom or the cabinet in his dresser, so he can get them himself. I might do both…now I’ll just need more baskets.

We’ve also set aside two shelves in our living room for his work. Right now, they hold a compilation of work, books, and toys. I’d like to make that area a little more focused and purposeful. There is a bin in the living room with just toys as well.

Onto the cool stuff!

I was at Target today looking for a few things and wandered down the toy aisle. I’ve been looking for a set of stackable rings

Learning his way around the kitchen

Learning his way around the kitchen

(you know the ones from Fisher Price) and finally found a basic one! I found a set last month at another store, but it lit up and made noise. Just a little much for me…besides, I’m not a fan of nosiy/musical toys. They can stay at grandma’s house! The only drawback to this set is that it’s plastic and the top ring isn’t a solid color but is a clear rattle on top.

But Target had so many cool toys! I love simple, wooden toys. I had a few gift cards to spend and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to add to our home. There was a puzzle rack with puzzles and I’ve been keeping my eye out for simple puzzles, but passed these up since Joey wouldn’t be ready for them for quite some time. But there were wooden blocks, a wooden bead maze, a set of stackable rings and cubes on a dowel, and a lot of other great stuff. (I tried to find the products on Target’s site without much success. Sorry. I’d take my own pictures but I’ve lost the camera charger this week and the battery’s dead.)

On another note, I’m really excited about the things I’ve been learning my Infant/Toddler course. I’ve got an assignment due soon on Toddler activities for language, social, practical life, cognitive, motor, and sensory activites. Some of them require a bit of preparation, but look so fun and I know Joey will enjoy them when he’s ready. I think I’m going to spend some time reviewing my infant manuals too so I can prepare some more activities for Joey.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post them soon!

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