Moving In

July 28 - Aug 3 054We arrived at our new home Saturday and are almost unpacked. Nothing’s up on the walls yet, which always feels a little sterile and not quite home, and there’s a few stacks of boxes here and there, but overall we are moved in.

The bad thing about moving is you realize how much mess you have and, probably, don’t really need. Which can be annoying and overwhelming all at the same time, making quite the double-whammy of emotion. That’s how I was feeling yesterday. So much stuff! And most of it is stuff that we’ll use, but not regularly. Like Christmas decorations, Frisbee golf discs, extra blankets, etc. which doesn’t sound bad until you add in all my craft supplies. And I’m quite the crafter or at least my closet would say I am.

Yesterday, I just wanted to throw it all away and start new. But I know I won’t…throw it all away that it. I’ll probably go through and weed some things I don’t think we’ll need in a month or so. I think one reason why it bothered so much is that I really want our home to be a prepared environment and I’d love to have home that was simple and streamlined, but all too often I feel like the the Berenstain Bears and too much stuff!

We have set-up Joey’s room. It’s not quite the way I want it yet, but his bed’s on the floor and he has a low shelf with some work on it. He still has he’s dresser and I’m planning to put his current clothes in the bottom drawer, so he can get them on his own when he’s able. I’m thinking of setting up a library area and my parents even have a child-size rocker that we’ll get to borrow. Although he’s a little small in it now. I also want to have a dressing table for him with a mirror and his hairbrush.

Any suggestions on setting up an infant (on his way to being a toddler) room would be great!

Just plans right now, but hopefully in a week or two it’ll be all set!

Home, Sweet, Home!

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