Montessori Christmas: Christmas Toss & Counting Ornaments {day 10}

Oh, I’m the feeling the pressure of holidays closing in…so much to do! How are you faring under it all?

Baking, packing, and wrapping to finish…my husband keeps reminding me we have a week until we leave for my parents house for Christmas. Which isn’t all that bad until I realize when we get back from Christmas, we have two days until we turn around and fly to San Diego for a month! That’s the stressful part.

Whew. Thanks for listening. 🙂

Christmas Toss

Otto inspired this activity, when I caught him trying to put a paper wreath on our leftover pumpkin. For the older tots (or preschoolers), you could have them toss rings on a small Christmas tree. For the preschoolers, they could stand up and at a distance to toss.

And those chenille sticks? They’ve come in pretty handy.

Counting Ornaments

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