Montessori Christmas: Matching Object to Picture & Tweezing Pom Poms {day 11}

Matching Christmas Object to Picture

This is a work I didn’t have time to make, but think it could be fun for a toddler. Make a set of 5 or 6 pictures (could be clip art or actually pictures) and have the corresponding items in a basket for the child to match.

An extension you could do for older tots or preschoolers would be to have a pictorial list of items and have the child find the items around the house, like a scavenger hunt.

A way to open this activity to infants (maybe 6-12 months depending on skill level) would be to  have a basket with 2 or 3 Christmas-themed objects, place them on a mat, and ask for a specific object. The objective would be for the child to retrieve the correct object. This helps build their language and cognitive skills.

Tweezing Pom Poms

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