Montessori Christmas: Pegs on a Rim & Sorting Ornaments {day 7}

Cold season has hit our Montessori home. Both boys haven’t been feeling well, one with a fever and the other with a fever and cold. We’ve been taking things slow, playing here and there and watching Christmas movies.

Luckily, the weather has matched the activity level in our house. It’s been raining going on 3 days straight. They’re calling for snow sometimes Wednesday evening, but that’s what they said for Monday too. 😉 For now, we’re holding down the fort and hoping the boys start feeling better.

Pegs on a Rim

For Otto, this is nothing more than a variation of the in and out work, but for an older toddler this is a great activity. You start with the pegs on the rim of a container, then you take the pegs (clothespins) off one by one and drop them in the container.

I like to use tin containers for this work, because of the sound the clothespins make when they drop. It’s an added sensory experience for the child. After all the pegs are in the container, one-by-one put the back on the rim of the container.

 Sorting Ornaments

We have a small Christmas tree and with Otto at grabbing height, I decided to not put all the ornaments on the tree. I put a few aside with this work in mind. I choose five different category of ornaments (I wouldn’t do less than 4 or more than 10) and ended up with five ornaments in each category.

As you can see some of the ornaments are identical, but in the angel and manger columns the ornaments are different. For these Joey had to pay closer attention and decide what category they went in.

I wish I had more ornaments so that the categories could have been a bit more abstract. Like all sphere ornaments, ornaments with dots, or that were made of clay, but I just didn’t have enough to make the categories even.


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