Christmas Craft Linky Party

Have a Christmas craft you’ve made?

It could be something you did on your own or with your kids,

if so link-up below and join the party!


We made a hand-print wreath. My original idea was to put the kids hands in green paint on paper in the shape of a wreath, but that ended up not working so well. Onto Plan B!

I traced Joey’s hand multiple times and eventually folded a piece of construction paper in quarters. Then traced and cut the hand-print once. Joey tried cutting out his hand-prints, but they hands ended up missing some fingers. 🙂

Then, I cut a larger whole in a paper plate and Joey glued the hands on a paper plate.

After they finished drying, I punched two holes at the top and laced a piece of ribbon through and knotted so the wreath would hang.

I laced another piece of ribbon through the opposite way and tied a little bow. It’s a cute, simple craft. Nothing too fancy, but Joey likes to see it hanging in his room. His own little, handmade decoration.


What have you made this week? Come on and link-up!

If you don’t have a blog to link up with, then leave a comment sharing what you’ve done. 🙂

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