Montessori Christmas: Trying on Hats & Beading Candy Canes {day 4}

Trying on Hats

My aunt bought the boys a few silly hats last Christmas, so when I pulled them out of the box I figured, why not put them on the shelf? It reminded me of a work in one of my infant/toddler albums.

Little did I know this would be a favorite of Otto’s! And while big brother enjoys it too, Otto loves to pull the basket off the shelf, put on a hat and crawl around showing it to us. It’s quite adorable.

You could do this with any hats, but if you want to keep with the Christmas theme I’m sure you could find them in the Christmas section of Target or Wal-Mart, or even at a dollar store.

Beading Candy Canes

This is a work I introduced to Joey last year, but was very tedious for him. He could do only a little at a time, which is okay, but he it was a little bit outside his zone of proximal development.

This year, however, he’s done great. He’s been able to keep the pattern and handle the beads on his own without frustration. This is a great practical life activity for developing fine motor skills, patience, and concentration.

The only time I have to step in to help is twisting the first and last  bead around the chenille stick so it doesn’t fall off. Once he’s completed a candy cane it becomes an ornament in our decorating a Christmas tree work.



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