Montessori Christmas: Unwrapping & Wrapping a Present {day 5}

Montessori Christmas: Unwrapping & Wrapping a Present {day 5} post image

Unwrapping a Present

When you think about it, for an infant or toddler Christmas morning can be a pretty overwhelming experience. There’s so much activity going on and most they don’t understand. So why not an unwrapping work?

They might just think this is more fun than the actual present!

Wrapping a Present

This is a work Joey’s been looking forward to doing all week. It wasn’t until this morning we had some uninterrupted time to work on it. I was foreseeing some frustration or that I’d end up doing the wrapping. It went a lot better than I thought. It wasn’t a perfect present, there was some wiggle room, but he did a very good job. I did have to help with the tape, because he’d get it stuck and wrapped around his fingers.

I had three containers on the tray: one with gifts, one with wrapping supplies, and a small jar for the tape and scissors.

I cut paper, using last year’s leftover scraps, that would fit the presents, but could be cut smaller if needed. I also had a gift bag and tissue paper for the elephant.



The winner of the Melissa & Doug giveaway will be announced later this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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