Simple Puzzle

This is another activity from our Ocean theme.

Age: 15 – 18 months

Goal: To develop concentration and fine motor skills

Materials: mat, basket or tray, simple puzzle (2 or 3 pieces*)

1. Making your puzzle – If you choose to make your puzzle it can be as simple as a picture glued to a piece of poster board or a store bought puzzle. I printed a picture to reflect our theme unit, glued it to a piece of foam board (found at most craft stores), and then cut out the puzzle with a craft knife. I choose to use foam for its sturdiness.

2. Prepare the work and get out the mat.

3. With the work facing the child and the mat between you (or sit on the child’s right-hand side), set the basket to the child’s right.

4. Tell the child this is a puzzle. Explain that a puzzle is a picture in different pieces. Assemble and reassemble the puzzle to allow the child to see finishing with the pieces apart.

5. Invite the child to put the pieces together. If the child needs help, then assist and guide the child’s hand.

6. When they assembled the puzzle or lost interest, have the child put the puzzle back in the basket (or tray) and return the work to the shelf.

*I cut this puzzle into 4 pieces and later realized I should have started out with two and as he progressed cut another piece. I’d recommend starting simple.

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