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October 15, 2012

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Lately, we’ve been focusing on pre-reading activities. Before we started school, I made a set of our own pre-reading cards to follow along with the activities in the album I use. I ended up taking my own pictures, because I wanted the pictures to be consistent in resembling (in this case being) real objects rather than clip art.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to a free download of the classification cards (object pictures), nomenclature cards, and opposite cards.

Nomenclature Cards

Matching Cards

(Memory games are also a great pre-reading activity.)

Otto working with the pre-reading classification cards with big brother’s help.

Matching Objects to Beginning Sounds (Basket c m a t)

If you’re looking for language activities for toddler’s, check out this post:

Montessori Pre-Reading Sequence

I’ve based our pre-reading sequence off of Shu-Chen Jenny’s online Montessori Language album (you can find all her albums online here). These activities are designed to increase the child’s vocabulary, refine picture interpretation as well as visual discrimination.

This is her suggested sequence:


 Download Pre-Reading Cards

Nomenclature Cards – School Supplies

Opposite Cards

Classification Cards – Object Pictures

Rhyming Cards (coming soon)

Go-Togethers (coming soon)


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